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TSG Force III Kneepads Rasta

TSG Force III Kneepads Rasta

  • £7999

Open back design for easy entry and soft, absorbent knee cup foam to give generous protection when you need it most.
Our new technology gives you the freedom of movement you've always wanted in a pad... so comfortable you might forget you're even wearing them.
High-grade fabrics, knee cup interior foam and full coverage caps (replaceable with our Recaps) make these TSG FORCE IIl a killer value.

* Velcro strap around the whole leg for optimized adjustable non-slip fit
* Reinforced Cordura on top and at the bottom
* EVA foam padding with 3-piece flexible design with 12mm EVA, lower piece 25mm EVA foam.
* Durable PE cap * Neoprene back 50mm elastic strap for added comfort

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