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Rollerbones Quad Wheels Rogue Runner Signature (pack of 8)

  • £17499

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Rollerbones Rogue Runner Signature

62mm, 88a, White, Pack of 8 Wheels.

Wheel Core: Aluminium
Wheel Diameter: 62mm
Wheel Hardness: 88a
Wheel Formula: SAA
Wheel Color: White
Wheel Suggested Use: Derby/Jam/Speed
Wheel Surface: Smooth
Qty in Pack: Pack of 8


Manufacturing the best Roller Derby and Roller Skate Wheels for decades.

Rollerbones was established in 1979 when a white MDI formula used by Powell Corp for skateboard wheels replaced a transparent TDI formula, the roller-skate industry standard.
This change led to a shift in the industry as other companies followed.

Rollerbones are poured in Santa Barbara, California. We are constantly evolving and improving our formulas to accommodate all disciplines of roller-skating. Quality products for the quality minded skater.

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