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Radar Halo Wheels

  • £5295

Created specifically for modern derby, as it is played now, the Halo is a game changer.

The all new Radar Halo is a brand new, 59mm high-end wheel designed for derby. The Halo is a culmination of nearly 2 years worth of research and design, to create the most advanced core on the market, the startlingly light Halo provides great access to edge work without loss of grip and control.

The Halo features an innovative, signature H-shaped hub. More than simply a larger core, the Halo hub is designed for optimal performance with excellent feel.

The inner and outer rings of the Halo hub are oversized, which reduces the amount of urethane on the edges of the wheel. This makes it easier to perform stops and offers excellent response. The middle of the hub has room for more urethane, which offers grip, increases control and improves ride.

Available as a 59mm wheel and in nine hardnesses;
84a - Charcoal / Purple
86a - Charcoal / Orange
88a - Charcoal / Teal
91a - Charcoal / Yellow
93a - Charcoal / Pink
95a - Charcoal / Blue
97a - Charcoal / Green
99a - Charcoal / White
101a - Charcoal / Black

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