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Luigino Vertigo F1 Boots

Luigino Vertigo F1 Boots

  • £19999

As the longtime manufacturer of world class inline speed boots, Luigino broke the mold with the flagship Vertigo Q4 and Q6 boots that are packed with advanced features designed to bring a new concept to the idea of a performance roller skate. The Vertigo F1 offers a more traditional cut boot design, while still offering the advanced Luigino benefits

  • Leather board and AquaTech hot water-moldable counters for true custom fit
  • Leather soles (stitched) with reinforced layer to prevent sagging
  • Poron padding around collar provides multi-direction flexible stability without breaking down
  • Pro-E ergonomic insole offers control and comfort
  • Lace-to-the-toe design for snug foot contact
  • Power ankle strap locks heel down snugly
All Vertigo boots are built on a female last (boot shape) to better fit women's feet (but work for men, too!).

Made from quality leather and microfiber uppers that you expect from high-performance skate boots, the Vertigo F1 features traditional leather board counters as well as the advanced, innovative AquaTech counters that make them the only true heat-moldable roller skates on the market. The advanced thermoplastic material is hot steam-moldable, and softens to a sponge-like consistency to contour around your feet. The unique material then sets up again to form a firm structure, and can be re-molded over and over.

The Vertigo F1 features a traditionally-shaped leather sole that is both glued and sewn in place for superior construction. A unique reinforced layer also prevents the sole from flexing and sagging over the edges of the attached skate frame, as is commonly seen with leather-soled boots.

Poron padding around the collar provides dimensional stability that provides the freedom to flex around the ankle without sacrificing support, and won't break down like many leather collars do after a while.

The insoles also feature the removable Pro-E ergonomic sole that provides contouring structure and support in all the right places, and features a slight metatarsal lift for better foot placement while skating. Head and shoulders above the basic flat insole liner found in most skate boots.

Breaking the mold from tradition, the Vertigo boots were designed by world champion speed and derby skaters to improve on classic roller skate designs. While the Q4 and Q6 introduce new features that haven't been seen before in quad roller skates, the F1 offers more traditional styling with top-of-the-line quality. The result is a lightweight, durable skate boot that mixes classic form with high performance fit and function.

We are still growing our stock of these boots. If we do not have your size in stock please allow 7-10 days for delivery.


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