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Heartless Wheels (4 pack)

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Heartless Wheels are the only wheel brand that is 100% designed, focused and dedicated to the Roller Derby skaters who are looking for the most agility and the most manoeuvrability possible from a wheel.

With four different hardnesses available, two width options and a true hollow core hub, these wheels allow a skater to turn, carve, jump and cut like butter.

Hardness Good For Skating...
Stalker 88a Black Concrete, dusty wood, old sports tile
Creeper 90a Green Concrete, wood, masonite
Chaser 92a Yellow Concrete, masonite, new sport tile, banked track
Breaker 94a Orange Concrete, masonite, new sport tile, banked track


Available in 59mm and 62mm


Heartless wheels now available in new colors and graphics and also 59 mm!!! Same quality urethane, same ultra strong hub!

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