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Discoblox Grindblocks

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Discoblox are the best thing since sliced bread! No really, second to none Discoblox are the must have addition for bowl and ramp skating of any level. 


Discoblox are made in Australia, easy to install grind blocks which are compatible with almost any plate. #Discoblox will support sliding, stalling and dropping in on coping and are suitable for ramp and bowl skaters of any level.

The final design has been in the making for many years and Disco Tech has again come up with the goods. A block designed to fit a plates of varying degrees, sizes and materials. They are easy to use, easy to install.

Note: We recommend purchasing the Discoblox 'Radius Kingpin Kit' when buying Discoblox for a Revenge Plate.


There are a few different styles of Discoblox. The majority of plates will use the 'standard' Discoblox. However some plates need alight adjustments. Please check below

Falcon plates - If using your discoblox with Falcon plates please select the 'lowrider' product instead.

CIB Grind Trucks - If you plan to use your Discoblox with grind trucks please select the 'lowrider' product instead.

Arius Plates - If you plan on using your Discoblox with Arius plates then you will need the Iceblox option. 

Reactor, Revenge, Rival - These plates have a radius (slightly wider kingpin base) which will require the radius king pin kit to fit. Please add this kit when you place your order.


Available in white or black.


Measure the distance between the inside faces of the kingpin to determine which size bar will fit.  See the sizing charts to find out the size you require.


Should the size or colour you require not be in stock, we are able to add you to our next order.

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