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Chaya Ophira DCM 2.0 Plate

  • £25995

Chaya (Kai-ah) is the new roller derby specific brand from Powerslide.  Powerslide have 20+ years of skating experience to pull from, and they have spent the past three years perfecting the Chaya product line.  Their aim is to create clean, pure, durable and performance focused products.

Perhaps the most exciting part of Chaya's product line is their Dual Center Mount System... for the first time in derby, you can self mount your boot to your plate with just 2 screws (no power tools required) which means you can adjust the plate to suit your personal skating style (front to back and 3mm side to side)... you can readjust your plate mount as and when needed with no drilling required and no fear of mounting your plate incorrectly.

  • 6061 grade aluminium - lightweight yet super strong  (Size 6 weighs 372g without toe stop)
  • Forged aluminium trucks available in 20° + 45°
  • Standard axles- Dual Center Mount (as well as standard mounting holes for those with a non-Chaya boot)
  • Jelly interlock SHR PU-Cushions
  • Power Toe for better push and control 
  • Offset Toe Stop for better power transfer, better balance, more controlled stops, and toe stop runs
  • Forged Truck, super light and super strong -- unbreakable!
  • Cherry Bomb toe stop, flat surface with lots of grip and superior wear
  • Extruded and CNC finished with laser print
  • Two Year Guarantee

Plate size measurements (for 20°)
size 3  length: 221  wheelbase: 128 
size 4  length: 227 wheelbase: 134 
size length: 233 wheelbase: 140 
size length: 240 wheelbase: 146 
size length: 248 wheelbase: 152 
size length: 256 wheelbase: 158 
size length: 264 wheelbase: 164 
size 10 length: 272 wheelbase: 170 
size 11 length: 280 wheelbase: 176 
size 12 length: 288 wheelbase: 182


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