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Bundle 2: Mota Silver + Boss Plates with 2 Piece Trucks

  • £41900

Bundles are for those that want to save by not purchasing wheels and bearings.


  • -BOSS PRO PLATE AND YOUR CHOICE OF COLORED 8mm THREADED OR CLIP AXLE ADJUSTABLE TRUCKS (stock is black and is in stock as standard with Mota, coloured trucks will take up to 6 weeks. Add your colour choice in your order notes or drop us an email)

Mojo Hybrid – Silver is named after the silver fiberglass used to make the shell. It’s a composite material that is hand laid up with an epoxy resin. All Mojo boots have a proprietary material incorporated into the shell that allows for unique moldability.

All Mojo boots are hand crafted from start to finish.

Boss plates are made of 7075 machined CNC machined to perfection.

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