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Chicks In Bowls Sliders

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Universal Sliders mount to the bottom of your quad roller skates.
Sliders enable you to stall, drop in and slide on the coping.

Universal Sliders are perfect for cross-discipline skaters.
Play roller derby or street skate with our sliders attached.
They’re so lightweight you won’t even know they’re there.

Universal Sliders designed to create a solid base for drop-ins and stalls, and slide across the coping with ease. Created for multi-purpose rollerskate set ups.

  • Compatible with 80% of standard plates
  • No modification to plate
  • Easy to mount
  • Self lubricating for extra slide (no wax required)
  • Skater tested and approved!

100% Radical ★ 100% Made to Slide
Designed in New Zealand
Made in New Zealand

For more information including plate, compatibility click here
For full installation video click here

*Wheel bite may occur with wheels larger than 59mm

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