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Bont Infinity Plates Purple

Bont Infinity Plates Purple

  • £25999


We rejected conventional quad plate design and reinvented the Infinity plate from scratch. Tired of the same plate designs, we decided to do what we do best which is to innovate. We pushed the boundaries using the latest 3D design techniques, stress testing, and materials such as carbon fiber and titanium to create something unique. But we didn't stop there. We didn't just want to create the most functional plate on the market, we also wanted to create the best looking plate on the market.


Normally, skaters buy a plate length recommended to them by another skater, their shop, their coach or they may even just skate on the plate that comes with the boot. So how do you know if you would prefer a longer or shorter wheelbase or if you like to have your front and rear axles further to the front or rear of the skate? The Infinity plate lets you move your axles further forwards or backwards so you can find the right setup for your skating style. It also gives you the flexibility to adjust the plate's length depending on where you are skating. Skating on a tight rink? Move the axles closer together. Going for a road skate? Extend the axles for more stability.


There are a number of truck actions on the market from 5 degrees to 32 degrees and everything in between. The infinity plates parts are interchangeable between different actions so rather than purchasing multiple plates, you can buy the parts you need to totally transform your plates action.

Carbon Fiber Plate

The Infinity's carbon fiber plate is the strongest plate on the market. This part offers exceptional strength while keeping weight to a minimum. The plate is made in a high pressure mold where the carbon fiber is hand laid and then baked in an autoclave.

The carbon plates come in three sizes Small, Medium and Large.

- Small: Plate Size: 224mm with a wheelbase of 122mm to 148mm and fits bont boots sizes: 4 - 5.5

-Medium: Plate Size 244mm with a wheelbase of 132mm to 168mm and fits bont boots sizes: 6 - 8.5

- Large Plate Size 264mm with a wheelbase of 142mm to 188mm and fits bont boots size: 9+

This plate comes with 7mm axles.

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