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Derby Laces - Core

  • £795

CORE by Derby Laces 6mm Waxed: This is a narrow waxed lace inspired by our original line, but designed to be 6mm wide and able to fit most any skate, shoe, boot. Their construction and durability is identical to the 10 mm line. 


These laces are a super high quality polyester lace made out of long strand, polyester fibers braided together to form a super tough skate lace. It then goes through a double waxing process where the lace is first saturated with high quality wax, and then a second process removes the excess wax. This makes our laces less "waxy” than a lot of competitors. It removes the candle effect where other laces are stiff and shed wax during use. These laces are really nice to touch, yet they perform extremely well and provide all the benefits of a waxed lace. People that traditionally hate waxed laces, typically find these to be really nice, and prefer them over the non waxed. They stay tied tight and where you want them. The tips are moulded out of the lace material itself and can often be repaired by reheating. 


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