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Atom Gamethane Juke Wheels Nylon Core (4 pack)

Atom Gamethane Juke Wheels Nylon Core (4 pack)

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The Atom Jukes utilize a patented GameThane urethane formula that touts longer life, more speed, max control, & better stability. The tire is poured around a hollow nylon core, which dramatically cuts down on weight, and is capped off with a hollow nylon cap that provides extra stability & roll without weighing you down. Each tire culminates with a molded Power Lip, which is squared off for better support and feel but still helps you dig in during sharp crossovers or intense jukes!

  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • Size:  59mm x 38mm
  • Hardnesses:
    • 88A - Green/Yellow
    • 91A - Green/Blue
    • 93A - Green/Pink
    • 95A - Green/Purple

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